My name is Cecilia Battaini and I’m an artist, illustrator and surface designer, now living in Milan, Italy. I call myself a flower in the midst of flowers because these beauties are my favorite subject to draw. I enjoy seeing my art as the expression of my inner garden, of all my feelings, thoughts, memories, dreams and emotions.

I draw everything by hand, then scan my sketches on my laptop and through Photoshop I polish them and create unique patterns. I make and sell paintings made with fabrics featuring my flowers; create illustrations for books, Instagram pages and many others; I work on commission for brands and private clients creating original prints and patterns for textiles, clothing, home decor, stationery, magazines and wallpapers; I hold exhibitions of my artworks for museums, art galleries and street markets, and even workshops. You can also find many products featuring my designs on sale on many print-on-demand websites. Check out my social links and current projects at

For licensing, commissions and workshops email me at

With love (and many flowers),